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Divine Collection Nikki Self-adhering Booty Pads

Divine Collection Self-adhering Booty Pads
  • Designed to work together with Jolie Thigh Pads for a complete transformation
  • The ultimate for creating an hourglass figure
  • Lifelike silicone skin creates the most realistic hips & booty to touch and feel
  • Self-adhering design can be worn with no support*
  • Makeup safe — perfect for skin tone matching
  • Innovative design is safe to sleep in
  • Adds up to 5 inches to your total hip measurement
  • Tapered edges blend to the body
  • Can be worn for 24 hours or more
  • Available in 3 skin tones
  • Available in 2 sizes to create your perfect figure!

Due to supply chain delays, this item may ship with a different storage box than pictured.



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Great for everyday
Makeup safe
Natural weight
No glues required
Real skin feel
Multiple skin tones
Sleep safe

Create the curves you’ve always dreamed of with Nikki self-adhering booty pads

Get curvy hips and a round, full bottom with our Nikki hip & bum pads from Divine Collection. These beautiful and realistic pads are hand crafted by skilled artisans just for you. The supple, lifelike silicone pads will increase your hip measurement by up to 5 inches. Available in 3 skin tones for the most natural look. Combine our Nikki booty-enhancing pads with our best-selling Jolie thigh pads for an even more dramatic transformation!

How much do Nikki self-adhering booty pads add to the body?
  • Size 1 adds 1 to 3 inches
  • Size 2 adds 3 to 5 inches
Why we love Divine Collection Nikki self-adhering booty pads
  • Self-adhesive backing creates a more natural feeling when worn
  • Unique “no-membrane” skin means the silicone hip pads cannot burst, making them safe to sleep in
  • Warms to your body for the most natural experience
  • Safe to use with Hollister Spray Adhesive, letting you attach for days! (Not included)
  • Available in 2 different sizes to create your perfect hourglass figure
  • Adds up to 5 inches to your total hip measurement
  • Ultra soft silicone feels softer than other hip and bum pads on the market
  • Adds up to 1 ½ inches per thigh for a very sexy, feminine shape
  • Available in 3 skin tone colors
  • One year warranty against manufacturers’ defects
  • Designed to work seperately or together with Jolie Thigh Pads for an even more bootilicious body transformation!
  • Beautiful storage box included
  • Includes a FREE care kit, which inlucludes:

Click here for our tutorial on how to attach Jolie & Nikki pads from Divine Collection.

Sleeping in Nikki pads

Your Nikki silicone hip & butt pads may shift when worn while sleeping. We recommend you wear pantyhose if you choose to wear the pads while sleeping (even if you have attached them using an adhesive) to help prevent the pads from moving.


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