Divine Collection Aphrodite breasts

Breast forms truly fit for a goddess

Aphrodite breast forms
Aphrodite breast forms

Realistic appearance

Versatile design

Quality craftsmanship

Aphrodite breast forms are designed to help you feel as beautiful and feminine as the love goddess they were named after. With our unique realistic appearance and blending edges, Aphrodite breasts are designed to transform you in to a goddess. Our flexible and versatile design fits over pec muscle or breast tissue you may have, while still being comfortable.

Whether you like to create your own cleavage using adhesives and makeup, wear your breastforms in a regular bra, or attach to go braless, our Aphrodite breasts are the perfect style for you.
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New in Summer 2015:
Our Aphrodite breasts now ship in a beautiful and feminine storage box to keep your breasts safe when not in use. Our Aphrodite breasts also feature improved nipple textures for a more realistic and lifelike experience.

Venus secret breast form enhancers

Divine Collection
Venus secret breast enhancers

An undetectable way to enhance your curves

The only breast enhancers designed to be worn for 24 hours, our Venus secret breast enhancers are sure to become a part of you.

Just like our luxurious Aphrodite breasts, our Venus secret breast enhancers feature an ultra realistic appearance with small, tapered blending edges. The flexible, versatile design is perfect for any body type, no matter how much or how little tissue you may have.

If you're looking for an undetectable enhancer that you can wear under your clothing, wit/h your favorite lingerie, or with nothing at all, you're sure to fall in love with our beautful Venus secret breast enhancers.

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Realistic appearance
Versatile design
Quality craftsmanship

Divine Collection breast care accessories

Breast Form Wash,
travel size

Breast Form Wash,
full size

Stay Dry Barrier
Spray, travel size

Stay Dry Sweat
Barrier Spray, full size

Reviews about Divine Collection

When I first got these I was wowed at the attention to detail and quality. They stick well, warm up quickly, feel realistic and move just like a real breast should, even up and down stairs (and other rhythmic motions).

I have a job where I work outdoors in every kind of environment 12 hours a day and they stay put all day. I find that they make a huge difference in my presentation and feeling of completeness in my daily life. Just the other day I decided to try something new, SKYDIVING!

I had my reservations about trying such an extreme sport while I had these on because I didn't want to damage them. I figured I would give it a go anyway. A whole day of skydiving later and the girls stayed right where they should have and made the trip back to earth, over and over again without damage. If they can handle dropping to the earth at over 120MPH and abruptly slowing down with the parachutist upon canopy deployment they can handle pretty much anything.

These things are great, they exceeded my expectations from day one (and continue to do so). They are simply the best and (properly taken care of) should be the last ones you ever need.

I can't express how happy I am. They look and feel like real breasts and real create a feminine illusion.

Natural, soft, feels just like real thing. The looks I got when I walked in! Worth every dollar I spent.

I'm in Scottsdale right now. Flew out here Saturday. Yes I wore them all the way out here on 3 different flights and check ins. In Madison they had a "woman" pat me down because of my "bumps," I told her what's up and she thought that was so cool.

I just love the feel, weight, movement and everything. I slept every night. Showered everyday, went walking 3 miles every day, what a neat feeling that is to see the bounce and movement. These are awesome.
-Lisa Anne

I just received my Aphrodite breast forms and and was blown away. I have worn other attachable forms over the years but these are far and away the most realistic looking and feeling as well as the most comfortable to wear.

I am a 42 bra band so I ordered the mediums which makes me about a B cup. I have had experience with larger sizes and they are uncomfortable to wear for long periods because of the weight. I also didn't want to attract too much attention which is important when going out in public dressed as a women or as a man wearing breast forms.

The hang more realistically than other forms so you don't have the huge projection. The nipples are very realistic looking and feeling and the matte finish adds to the realism. If the skin color was closer to mine I would think I actually had breasts. They look fantastic under my sheer nightgowns as well as under a tee shirt or blouse.

This size and the smaller ones adhere well enough that you can go braless if you are wearing a tight tee shirt or other close fitting top without using Hollister spray but I would still recommend it for long periods of wear. The adhesion helps when putting on your bra since you can do it like a women instead of having to insert the forms afterward.

The only problem is I can't keep my hands off of them. The density is close to real breast tissue instead of being overly soft and squishy. They do cost more but they are well with the price. If you want to feel like a woman, I highly recommend these.

These babies are 100% worth it. They attach easily, stay on, are not as heavy as similar sized forms, but still move realistically, they feel great on and great to touch. I can sleep in them! (Yea!!).

Aphrodite forms are well designed, well constructed, very realistic looking and an absolute joy for this girl. Can't wear them often enough. These Aphrodite forms are as close to being real breasts as I can imagine. I love them!

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